Most 5 Common Questions Asked on a 2003-2006 Chevy Speedometer Repair

Most 5 Common Questions Asked on a 2003 to 2006 Chevy Speedometer Repair

1.Will my mileage change or do you need to reprogram the cluster? Answer your watching to many youtube videos and No the mileage will not change and no you do not need to re-program the cluster.

2.What makes the cluster go completely dead? Answer heat is the number one problem on these clusters that will cause the digital display to dim out and if not fixed and driven will shut down the entire circuit board.

3.What’s up with the chevy electrical stepper motor problem? and the new ones are to be X27-168 right? Answer The chevy stepper motor is not an electrical problem, these motors go out in time because the manufacture made them to weak and used not enough heaver plastic to take the load. These motors are stripping and when they catch this will produce the gauge to be erratic. This is not an electrical problem, this is a plastic problem, they have made many versions to fix this issue and the last known version marked X27-168 are holding up without any problems.

4.Chevy Light Bulbs why do the burn out so fast? Answer Heat at the bottom plastic base is the problem with these bulbs, when replacing them remove the plastic base.

5. Calibration of needle settings. Answer you should never put a needle on cold, using tape and marking them will 100% make them inaccurate and not true. Always run a Circuit board hot on a bench when setting needles. Do not use a fork to remove your needles on a chevy board, never lift straight up to remove a needle. Free tip from a Pro when removing a needle from a stepper motor on a 2003 to 2006 chevy turn counter clockwise two or three times first to release the pressure on the shaft, then lift up and turn counter clockwise at the same time. Any video or any other speedometer shop showing you or telling you any other way should not be fixing speedometers.

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