Prospeedo has the world’s largest databank of files and flash files in stock.

Sure there are other speedometer shops around but there is only one Pro in this industry and thats

Attention all other Speedometer Repair shops if your file is corrupt or you forgot to save your work. Call the Pros!

FF FF 50 52 4F 53 50 45 45 44 4F FF FF

FF FF 31 2D 38 30 30 2D 32 37 37 2D 39 32 36 39 FF FF


We can help fix your problem.

Prospeedo… Tech Support

Call or email me the problem


Toll Free 1-800-277-9269

Prospeedo… Bin Files

Call or email me the hex file you need replaced fixed or repaired The cost will vary.

Toll Free 1-800-277-9269  Bowden Head Office: 403-809-3903

Pospeedo… PDF How To Files

Call or email me what information your looking for The cost will vary

Toll Free 1-800-277-9269  Bowden : 403-809-3903

Keeping it Simple! Prospeedo’s World Wide Professional Digital Speedometer Repair Service

Why Wait? Fix your Broken Digital Speedometer Cluster Today. Call Prospeedo. Bowden Head Office: 403-809-3903 Toll Free 1-800-277-9269 Email

Office Hours: 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment only!


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